The Improv Short, The Organic Short, The Film Experiment…

Ever since I've was at film school I've worked pretty much the same way. I spirit myself away for a length of time to work on a script, which I then present to producers to refine further. Once I get something that I really know and understand, I start thinking about casting, shot lists, locations etc etc and the creative process becomes one of having to “perfectly execute MY VISION AS DIRECTOR!” and I'm not sure that this way of working suits me. So it's time to look for another way.

What I am doing is taking an idea I had a few years ago, throwing away the script and building something out working directly with actors. The plan then is to grow it further with a series of camera rehearsals with a DoP and a DSLR. I'll take this footage and edit it to see if we really have a story. If we do, I'll work further with the DoP and hire some other Head of Departments to create a polished look for the film. If that all works, we'll go ahead and shoot it with a full crew, hopefully with the minimum amount of fuss (HA!) at the time we're paying the most money.

It's not really correct to call it an Improv Short. As although I think I'll use a lot of techniques from people like Keith Johnstone, Improv is only really a part of what I want to do. So the process wont be an exact execution of my vision for the film, it will be a process where we build a shared vision, where everyone has the chance to have a little time to experiment. Which I guess could be called a vision in itself.