John is the “me” or “I” that will be writing most of these posts. There will be other guest posts from individuals as they sign up to the project.

I am a director and occasional writer and exec-producer of films. I’ve done quite a number of shorts and just completed my first feature, it’s called The Fold and is on it’s way to festivals, so should be out… I have no idea when, but that’s the film industry for you.

I work mostly in London, although I used to live in Los Angeles, so I’ve done my time.

I like making films because I’m a story teller, but horribly dyslexic, so prefer images to words. I don’t mind writing, but it takes a long time and I think much better if I move around rather than just sit. Maybe if I was a writer I’d be like Henry James and pace the room dictating wildly complex novels.

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