Today we have started looking at Spotlight to see how we might cast this thing.* It initially seemed like quite a Catch-22, how to cast actors for their improvisation skills..? But I think if we run a normal casting session, but then spend more time talking to our actors than normal, to get a good sense of who they are.

I think the most difficult thing will be to find actors who are happy to work outside of their comfort zone. In some of my previous experience, actors have often wanted to know more about their character. I think this is partially to assuage any doubts they have over the reality of their actions, but the reality of the scene in an improvisation comes from within and finding out whether some one has this or not, is a hard thing to do in a 20 minute casting session.

Anyhow, the add on spotlight is up now, so here it is:


*Actually, the notice went out on Spotlight on Tuesday, but I was on Holiday so I’m starting to work on it now.