Hollywood studios (and no doubt other studios too) love to go on about the magic of cinemas, as if it's something only they can do behind closed doors. I don't know if that is part of their long game to sell tickets to amusment parks or a part of their self-aggrandizement, either way it's not something I see the point of and it's something I want to work actively against in making this film… why?

I think that if my new approach to film making is to build a shared vision with cast and crew, why not share this process with other film makers and our audience?

There are 3 reasons why not:

1) Film making is quite a messy process* and you'll probably look like you don't know what you're doing.

Film making is supposed to be a creative process and part of that is taking risks to work out what you are doing. If people are going to be critical or it makes them nervous, that's their issue.

2) You'll give away the story and there will be no suspension of disbelief.

I don't think this one is valid, if you're interested enough to read a blog about the making of a film, you will be sufficiently invested in watching for the suspension of disbelief to work. (think magic tricks)

3) You are opening up yourself to something you can't control and it'll take up a lot of time.

Not worried about control, hopefully it will be fun!

*long hours, hard work, creative confidence, Egos and Nogos.