The idea I'm working from is one that has bounced around in my head and through several scripted drafts called Walk of Shame, about a girl who has an unwelcome surprise the morning after her first one night stand. It is essentially a rites of passage story with themes about responsibility, parental guidance and self awareness.

I wouldn't say that I have a story to work from, what I have are some story beats, maybe only just enough to hang a theme on. Hopefully enough to give the actors something focused to do, but not so much that it'll inhibit the improvisational spirit.


Act 1

Girl is starlet in the making with overbearing mother.

Girl is going for a night out.


Inciting incident –

Girl wakes up next morning in bed with one night stand, who is dead.


Act 2a

Girl calls mother.


Act 2b

Girl escapes from house.


Act 3

Girl decides to call police.


And that's about it. Although, all of this could change as well.