I’m not sure whether this applies to the sanecinema blog precisely, however the thoughts are similar to ones I would express in filmmaking and his photos have a special something, so I think the followers of this blog might appreciate me sharing.

Photographs by Peter

10 ways to create a bad photograph

This is meant to be lighthearted — and instructive 🙂  …Enjoy!



10 ways to create bad photographs.

  1. Shoot from your head, not your heart (if you lack passion, your images will be found lacking).

  2. Shoot by first surrendering your brain (leaving the camera on auto-everything leaves everything to chance).

  3. Shoot without honing (there is no substitute for practice, practice, practice).

  4. Shoot as if your camera is a machine gun (indiscriminately pressing the shutter to photograph everything often captures nothing).

  5. Shoot when the light is un-magical (good light helps all photographs, always!).

  6. Shoot from one spot (don’t work for the shot and the shot will likely not work).

  7. Shoot it all (being overly-inclusive obscures your photographic vision).

  8. Shoot a “postcard” image  (doing what’s been done before often leads to staid shots — try something original and you may…

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