So we've been a way for a while… The summer and then some. It's now truly autumn, or that's what the trees in Dumfries are telling me. Anyhow, what's happening with the film? Well, I've just finished editing it, so here a few thoughts…

Having done all the prep work for A Responsible Girl (henceforth ARG, because I'm lazy) we managed to shoot pretty much exactly the script… Every shot I'd wanted and a few extra for good measure. Fabulous, one would think, all you need to do is put your shots in order as planned and hey presto, there's your film… Arghhh, help, god, no!!! Doing this would entirely miss the creative point of editing.

Of course this is true, I've lost count of the times I've heard “we made it in the edit” or somesuch equivalent, but what does this mean? Over the last couple of films I've worked on I've come round to the idea (not sure if it's original) that: Scriptwriting is writing what you want to shoot and editing is writing what you want to see. The fact that you are making one out of the other is the only “causal” part of this relationship, everything else is contingent and based on the ideas of the creative team involved.

Let me abuse an anolgy by way of explanation. There's an apocryphal story that when Michaelagelo was asked how he created his statue of David, he replied: “simple, I found a block of marble and cut away everything that didn't look like a David.” This is an interesting way to think about works of art for many reasons, but I'm bringing it up here is that I think of the writing and production as creating the block of marble and editing as the cutting away.