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In my previous story post, I wrote about a couple of the beats that I was committed to seeing in the film. These beats give a basic idea of the events that will happen in the film, but they don’t give any idea as to what I want those events to mean. The meaning and other such meta-narrative parts of telling a story is where theme comes in and the theme of this film is “Responsibility”.

There are three ways that I think about the idea of “responsibility”:

1)Causal Responsibility, to be responsible for having done some thing.

2)Accountable Responsibility, to be held as responsible for looking after some one or some thing.

3)Acting Responsibly, to adjust and adapt your behaviour in terms of its consequences.

Perhaps writing in this way is too oblique to be clear, let me think of examples.

1) Causal responsibility: I knocked a glass of water over.

2) Accountable responsibility: I’m going to make sure this water doesn’t spill.

3) Acting responsibly: I’m not going to put the glass on this desk next to the computer.

So what does all that mean and how am I going to use it in the story? I’m not sure entirely, but growing the story beats towards these themes is the goal of the improvisation work.


Beautifully natural it-girl to be

Quiet intelligence

Knows what is right, but lacks confidence



Graceful clumsiness

Mrs Speers

Elegant tiger mother

Speaks her mind




Free tickets to the premiere for anyone who guesses the reason behind the names Rosemary / Mrs Speers.

The idea I'm working from is one that has bounced around in my head and through several scripted drafts called Walk of Shame, about a girl who has an unwelcome surprise the morning after her first one night stand. It is essentially a rites of passage story with themes about responsibility, parental guidance and self awareness.

I wouldn't say that I have a story to work from, what I have are some story beats, maybe only just enough to hang a theme on. Hopefully enough to give the actors something focused to do, but not so much that it'll inhibit the improvisational spirit.


Act 1

Girl is starlet in the making with overbearing mother.

Girl is going for a night out.


Inciting incident –

Girl wakes up next morning in bed with one night stand, who is dead.


Act 2a

Girl calls mother.


Act 2b

Girl escapes from house.


Act 3

Girl decides to call police.


And that's about it. Although, all of this could change as well.