Hey all,

We go into production on Monday morning for a three day shoot.

Updates to follow shortly.


Dear Readers,

My most sincere and abject apologies for having ignored you all for the past few weeks, I’ve been working away on the film and then I went off to Cannes. But now I’m back and ready for more work. I’ll get back to you with  more information, but in the meanwhile, here is a new draft of the script and some storyboards.


Hope you enjoy them


WOS Shooting Script 01b 01-02 Bathroom 03 Top Stairs 04 Kitchen 07 Bedroom 08-10 Bathroom

Just finished another draft of the script after a few day’s improv work. If you’ve read this and the previous one, please let me know what you think.

WOS Improv draft 4

Angelique, Jen and I went down to the Designer Jumble Sale to look for costume for Jen’s character Rosemary. We need two dresses, the first that she wants to wear, the second that her mother lets her wear…

Jen got to try on a lot of dresses.

Honestly, it was serious work.




We’ve now had a few workshop sessions with the actors and with that I thought it would be interesting for you all to see where we were with the script. So I’ve attached a work-in-progress document that has some sections quite planned out for action and then other sections where the scenes are still being worked on. I hope you find it interesting and I’d love to hear feedback on it if you have a moment.

WOS Improv draft 4 blog

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proud to announce that we have our two leading actresses.


Jen Nelson will be playing the part of Rosemary.



Tilly Edwards will be playing the part of Mrs. Speers.


And here’s a shot of the two of them in rehearsal:

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 14.07.43